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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 20, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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areas. the winds will keep us cooler-than-average if most areas. they could pick up an isolated thunderstorm. 66 to 72 are the temperatures, the coast and san francisco are 58 to 64. we will find out if the winds are messing with the commute. >> so far, they could be unravelling the curls but overall we have one accident and this will be through the santa cruz mountains if you are traveling southbound along highway 17 closer to the summit we are also hearing the accident is involving four vehicles and a couple of lanes are blocked. you could see a jam in the morning although we see more traffic in the northbound direction. for the folks in the southbound direction that is a crimp in the commute. we will let you know when that loosens up. the bay bridge toll plaza shows traffic is coming in from the east bay and from emeryville camera to the span of bay bridge
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a project wrapped up a couple of minutes ago and it is nice and clear and all lanes on into san francisco. >> students at a san jose vocational college find career dreams turning into a nightmare after the campus is shut down and students kicked off. what is happening, matt? >> there are no dress passing signs around the building here on winchester boulevard in san jose, and the college holds classes here but students and faculty will not be able to get inside today. the latest report shows that 399 students attended the college in 2012 and 18 faculty and staff member. with eviction noticed may 19 on several doors. the plaintiff is winchester payne lly. they offer courses for medical assistant and massage nowhere by and medical administration assistant. the program disclosure shows
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tuition fees run from $17,000 for three programs and close to $20,000 for the dental assistant program. the website says that they acredited by the commission of career schools and colleges. the school has two other bay area locations but no word on whether the students that attend the san jose location can attend there and finish up the courses. it is 5:02. police are investigating whether a teen girl's focus on her yell phone led to her death on train tracks. katie marzullo is in the newsroom with more on what happened. >> this is one of the stories, the death that could have been prevented. the victim was distracted while walking on the tracks. brittney silva lived close to the train tracks in san lenadro and reportedly crossed them all the time. this time, she had her phone to
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the ear and other reports say she was wearing ear buds. her friends saw her and the train coming and screamed but she cannot hear. her mother was at the scene and talked about her daughter's plan for the futures. >> she wanted to be an o.j. -- ob/gyn and bring babies into the world. the assistant principal was there and said she turned her grades around and was accepted to college to three local colleges. the family was in the news for another reason last month, homeless burn victims ran into their apartment looking for help after a butane hash oil explosion. the homeless victims went to the silva home because they had a reputation for helping homeless people. >> police are asking the
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public's help to identify a man who exposed himself to a woman and two children. police say a woman was walking with a three-year-old and a six-year-old near washington avenue on may 12th. a man approached them. he asked if they wanted it see some dragons and pulled up the shorts exposing tattoos of drag agains. he is in his late or early 50 with shaggy gray hair. >> a catholic cool in san francisco apologizing to a senior girl left out of the year book for wearing a tuxedo. the apology was posted online and the principal of the school says the last few days have been revealing. he says that this is an opportunity to learn and grow as a community. her family turns down an offer
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to reprint all the year books. her portrait will be displayed at graduation on saturday. >> controversy over plans by san francisco officials to restrict visits to a popular tourist attraction this summer. the plan closes part of lombard street to track on four weekends starting june 21 because the residents say the road causes accidents and gridlock. amy hollyfield will have more on the story and a response from the tourists in 30 minutes. a ground-breaking kicks off a major highway construction project in antioch where highway four meets highway 160. they are building two new ramps linking the two highways. they will relieve congestion and make it easier for drivers using the antioch bridge. the ceremony begins at 9:30 this morning. >> a subcontractor face as fine for safety violation at the site of a massive construction fire
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in san francisco's mission bay. petaluma-based t.c. steel was doing hot work with massive fire destroyed an apartment a spark likely starts the massive five in march. >> fire officials expect the most destructive of southern california's recent wildfires to be fully contained by thursday. the fire in northern san diego county is 91 percent contained. officials say crews are now checking for hotspots. the fire erupted in wednesday and destroyed 36 homes and a bit. it is one of a dozen wildfires in that area over the past several days, most of them, now, are contained. >> you probably felt a little windy this morning and we will check with mike nicco to talk about the winds and cooler temperatures. >> the winds are out there, but
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some valleys are sheltered. you will get the winds later today. it is quiet with clouds and it is void of radar returns right now most of them in the high country off to our east but there is the isolated chance of a thunderstorm today. we will talk temperatures if you are headed out in calistoga, novato, dress for 49 degrees. we are cooler in mill develop at 47 and american canyon is 38, and san rafael is 54 san it rose and bodega bay around 50 and petaluma, too. low-to-mid 50's along the bay shore to the south bay where san jose is 54. we are 49 in lafayette. today, as we hock at the morning we are starting off cooler in some areas and with a lack of cloud cover we should drop a couple more degrees by 7:00: 47 to 56. we will see increasing clouds and breezy by noon and it will be mild at 58 to 68. by 4:00, that is when the
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scattered thunderstorms could develop and 68 to 72 and breezy at 58 to 68 but the likelihood of you dodging the thunderstorms is remote. we will head back into the mountains where we have a big accident involve three or four vehicles with lanes blocked. we are getting conflicting reports from c.h.p. and hearing it is in the northbound direction and in the southbound direction and right near the summit or holy city road but as we can see the red is in the southbound direction so it is almost safe to say so that is where the crash is located so if you are headed away from lexington reservoir you will find this jam and there is no alternate to get around it, and northbound traffic is the usual bit of volume as you head through the santa cruz mountains to get through the pass. we will keep you updated. the north bay shows 101 through san rafael you can see the remark is moving along nicely making the air roach to -- approach to 580. from the waldo tunnel you fine
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covering san rafael, south bay and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. good morning, everyone, at 5:12. this is south to the exploritorium and you can see the flags waving there in the foreground and that is because it is breezy. high wind advisories on the bridges and leyla gulen and mike will have more. >> crews in north carolina are combing through the woods searching for a united states marine who fell from a military aircraft. the marine was taking part in a remain inial training mission and he fell out of the military plane last night. there is no word on why he fell out of the aircraft. the marines are conducting the search with local emergency workers. a south africa judge ordered oscar pistorius to begin psychiatric evaluation on monday. oscar pistorius arrived at court
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to hear details of his treatment. last week the judge ordered evaluation after a psychiatrist for the defense testified that the man known as blade runner suffered from anxiety diagnosis order. that is a disorder according to the testimony that may have distributed to oscar pistorius fatally shooting reeva steenkamp last year. oscar pistorius' trial is delayed null june 30. >> dozens of gay and lesbian couples are now legally married in oregon at the ban on same-sex marriage was struck down. couples applied for marriage licenses immediately after a judge issued the ruling yesterday. many were married hours later. the oregan decision marks the 13th legal victory for gay marriage advocates sin the supreme court overturn part of a federal ban. >> credit suisse is the first big bank to pled guilty to criminal charges. here is america's money report. good morning, topping mc's money, a mega bank pleads
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guilty, credit suisse admits helping clients evade taxes in the united states. a major beef recall is under way because of e. coli contamination. the 1.8 million pounds of meat was sent only to restaurant but the government has not identified which. the strain of e. coli is serious and can be deadly. burger king is changing the slogan rather than "have it your way," "be your way," is the new version projected individual wallet and hopfully will resonate more in pop culture. >> mcdonald's offers low fat strawberry yogurt as a new option for the happy meal starting july 4. they say the new yogurt has original 50 calories. chipolte said guns are not welcome in their stunts. this is after the company says gun rights advocates property
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military-style assault rifles into a dallas area restaurants over the weekend. the display of firearms created a potentially intimidating environment. last year, starbucks toll customers guns were no longer welcome after they closed a store to avoid a demonstration by gun rights advocates. >> a teen boy from north carolina is the winner of a contest sponsored by warren buffett. jake johnson is only 15 but he has created and found add company called bow up, beat out 63,000 individuals and teens to take home first prize in the grow your own business challenge. he says he will put the $5,000 prize into website development to hopefully jump start sales. warren buffett started the challenge to instill good financial habits for kids at an early age. >> president obama in new york to visit baseball's hall of
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fame. he made a surprise visit to a little league game. >> the president posed for pictures and tossed the ball around at a little leg park in washington, dc, and parents had smartphones out to get a snapshot. some parents held their kids back because they didn't recognize the man from the white house. the trip to cooperstown will focus on bostonning united states exports including tourism. >> imagine the treasure? man i struck out in front of president! why, today? with the secret service and everyone around it is okay to strike out. >> do they even let them carry a bat? all the little leaguers i know you have playoffs. how is the weather? >> it will be progressively warmer each day. we had a few stray showers last night at sfo, a trace of
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precipitation so it was just enough to make the ground wet. mt. diablo and santa cruz mountains and mount hamilton all received a vital -- small amount of activity. for us, we are looking off to the east and there could be a few sprinkles in the east bay hills. the clouds will thicken through the afternoon and the sun warms the groups and realties -- creates instability. clearing and drying is the trend overnight account warmer pattern will develop tomorrow through the weekend where temperatures are above average. today, we are below, 9 in milpitas, low 70's for the santa clara valley to 73 in leg leg and santa -- in los gatos and low-to-mid 60's headed north along the coast and mid-60's at
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millbrae and 70's in palo alto and mountain view and los altos. low-to-mid 70's through the north bay valley and into the east bay shoreline 66 at berkeley and everyone else in the upper 60's to a accident in castro valley. we will have low-to-mid 70's through the east bay valley. tonight is a cool night on tap with 40's inland and low-to-mid 50's for the rest of us. here is what is happening or what happened while you were sleeping, the low slid down the coast and it is the core of the energy and the unstable air mass that will be needed to watch the clouds thicken and the storms start to pop back. fairfield was a few spot that had measurable rain in the lower elevate at .301" and through midnight the clouds develop and then they fall apart. here is the seven-day forecast, more sunshine tomorrow, not is breezy, temperatures jumping two to six degrees and we add a
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couple of degrees each day through sunday, and this weekend we are in the 88, upper 80's and near 90 inland and upper 60's to nearly 70 along the coast. have a great day. >> in san francisco we have a big closure for memorial day weekend southbound at 280 between downtown and pennsylvania avenue to replace hinges but that will start on thursday at 9:00 p.m. to tuesday until 5:00 so make sure you plan ahead. detours are in place northbound traffic is not affected. we have confirmation now we have a three or four car crash northbound highway 17 through the santa cruz mountains. with both lanes blocked it is causing a jam and easy to track your traffic with the exclusive waze app and we thank bret who has been tracking the accident. we will find out when it will clear and we. let you know.
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>> thanks, leyla gulen, it is 5 :20. there was a surprising elimination setting the stage for a dance floor showdown on "dancing with the stars" last night. >> a bay area freeway and
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hey! so i'm looking at my bill, and my fico® credit score's on here. we give you your fico® score each month for free! awesomesauce! wow! the only person i know that says that is...lisa? julie?! at discover, we treat you like you'd treat you. get the it card and see your fico® credit score. here are seven things to know today. the break overnight, arson investigators are at a home in san jose looking into the cause of a fire that destroyed two cars in the drive. firefighters arrived to find both cars in films much the fire also scorched the eves of the house. no injuries. >> a san lenadro teen is dead after stepping into the path of an oncoming amtrak train.
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authorities say the 18-year-old brittney silva was hit after crossing the we tracks yesterday. witnesses say she appeared to be distracted by the cell phone. >> students face an uncertain fight in san jose at the college after eviction notices were posted at the private campus. tyes are now trying to determine whether they can continue raining for jobs at their other campuses. >> san francisco officials will consider a plan to close the curvy part of lombard street this summer which causes accidents and gridlock. >> california chrome arrives in new york for the belmont stakes. officials declared the right to wear a nasal strip that eases his breathing. california chrome will try to become the first triple crown
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winner since 1978. six, tracking thunderstorms in the sierra right new, and we have a chance. bay bridge toll plaza but there is a possible injury accident. >> a million and what you can expect to pay for a home in many parts of the bay area. but what did that get new what can you buy outside of the bay area for $1 million? katie marzullo has checked out million dollar homes across the country. see how the bay area stacks up against the nation for million dollar priceings. you may be ready to pack up and move. >> you do not associate fuzzy
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with traffic jam but you will likely say ahhh when you see what caused backup in oakland. the c.h.p. tweeted this photo of a kitten rescued on 580 of the a driver stopped in traffic when he saw the kitten jump from the center divide into her wheel ands with afraid to drive and injure the kitten. the uninjured cat was adopted by the passing motor effort. >> it is the home stretch for "dancing with the stars" this season. >> they received nearly perfect discoveries but they were sent packing, and amy and derek, and candice and mark ballast with only a few hours left ahead of the big finale. you can catch the finale of "dancing with the stars" right here at 9:00.
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i feel like i am burning calories just watching them. >> the morning news continues at 5:30 with the top stories. >> an east bay city employees called a distraction by the mayor and not doing the basic duties of the job. he is spending to the accusations. >> south bay county wants to boost the wages for employ ayes but we are not talking minimum wage in a unique idea. moments of certainty. when you know, you know. the all-new volvo v60 sportswagon.
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the s60 sedan and the xc60 crossover. test drive one today. model year end sales event. the s60 with 0.9% apr and up to $2500 in allowances.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. it is a tuesday.
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but it is "be a million a millionaire day." >> if it was that easy, we would be sleeping in right now. 5:29. we will check the million dollar forecast. >> what would that entail? >> i have to look that up. >> if you could harness the winds you would be wealthy. 14 miles per hour in oakland and 16 at sfo. these are sustained winds. we have had gusts from 20 to 25 miles per hour and that is the case through the morning hours and the afternoon. walnut creek shows the neighbor to the southeast had a slight amount of rain overnight and we have another chance this afternoon, at 75 to 75 and 66 to 72 around the bay and the coast >> the traffic does not look like a million bucks with this accident blocking both lanes, northbound highway 17 at the
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summit. it is involving possible injuries and an ambulance is headed there. we have delays northbound and southbound direction. it is at a standstill. we will let you know when the lanes are open but there is no alternate. over the altamont pass, 29 miles per hour, bumper-to-bumper traffic and high wind advisory. 50 -- 2 credit -- 280 through daly city is not too bad. kristen and eric? arson investigators in san jose are at the seen of -- scene of a fire that destroyed two cars in a driveway that were fully enguffed when the firefighters arrived. both vehicles are a total loss. a resident in the house said he was awakened by a "pop "tried to put out the fires with
5:31 am
extinguishers but flames hit the eves of the garage with no injuries. >> san francisco transportation leaders will consider banning cars from a most famous street in a limited experiment. the tourist could say that is a "crooked" idea. amy hollyfield? >> what if you could sill walk the crooked street? walk it? not drive. same beautiful curves, same gorgeous view. look at that. would it change the expense? here is the proposal from city hall. they are taking a close look at closing the crooked street to cars on the week in the summer. that would start june 21 and go through july 13. that would go from noon to 6:00 p.m. if you live along the street, something needs to be done and they are being overrun by tourists.
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no facilities can handle thousands of people a day and we are overrun. there is no security. there is in order. there is no traffic flow. people are stopping in the middle of street and do what they want. >> remark is an issue. sometimes it backed up so much on van ness it conflicts and impacts the regional transportation network. in tourists say, wait, this is a major attraction. we want to drive it. they say closing it is a shame. residents say they are often trapped inside their own home because there are so many cars. there have been car accidents and they want tourists but though need order. a debate going on on the pilot program idea that will be discussed and possibly voted on today at 1:00 o'clock at city hall.
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an east bay teen is dead after stepping into the path of a train while using her cell phone. the tragedy happened last night in san lenadro. authorities say the 18-year-old brittney silva crossed the track next to her home. the senior at san lenadro high school was distracted because she had a cell phone at her ear. witnesses yelled to warn her of the approaching train but show could not hear them. katie has more at the top of the hour. >> a man was murdered sitting if his car at 7:00 last night. police say the man was killed when someone in another vehicle drove up and shot him. so far, no word on a possible motive. the suspect remains on the loose. this is the 31st homicide of year. a mother accused of grabbing a boy by the neck for bullying her daughter said she did not touch
5:34 am
the boy. she face as charge of felony child abuse. police say it happened on friday at olivet charter elementary school and she may have grabbed the wrong child. she says she only talked to the twelve-year-old. the school has given all parents a letter screening the accusations. she is expected to milk her first court appearance on thursday. >> there is a checkive sigh of relief in pleasant hill because the city clerk kin lehmkuhl has resigned over failing to do the most basic duties of the job. she was elected in 2012 and failed to produce minutes of the city council meetings but did manage to tweet we during the meetings. >> we take issue at the idea it is easy to could be temperature -- it is easy to take the minutes. that is a misunderstanding of
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the meeting. >> this has been a distraction to the city staff and city council and focusing on our work and the policy-making body that we are. >> city leaders never get a straight answer on why she failed to do her job. show says she is leaving pleasant hill for a job in washington, dc. today, santa clara supervisors will continue giving a boost to the lowest paid would beers in the county. the supervisor is proposing a look at crafting a living wage ordinance that is standard for all county employees, contractors and anyone working or leasing county property to help families struggling to keep up with economic growth. supervisors will not set a dollar figures but are targeting september if finalization. >> wal-mart will expand the operations in silicon valley to better compete with amazon. the retail giant e-commerce has struck a deal to lease 100,000 square feet of office face in
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sunnyvale. wal-mart may need to fill a thousand positions. paying for the park space in oakland will be ease are starting today. crews will install 3,800 new smart parking meters throughout the city similar to meters you see here installed in san francisco. the meters will allow you do pay with coins, credit and debit cards or cell phone. bring showers to explain the new meters are distributed throughout the city. today, a san francisco supervisor will introduce a change to the city charter that guarantees funding for muni will keep up with population growth and ridership growth. the supervisor calls it a backup plan if the mayor decides not to ask for an increase in fees to fund muni. three will get $20 million for the 85,000 resident whose moved here in the past decade. hen what the measure on the
5:37 am
november ballot. >> the warriors will introduce the new head coach to the bay area: steve kerr is finishing his other job as a tv commentator working the nba playoffs and the warriors job is his first as head cope. he was the general manager for three years at phoenix. mark jackson was fired after three seasons. the warriors gave kerr a five year deal worth $25 million. we will check with meteorologist mike nicco. we do have some winds? >> not everyone. sheltered valleys are sheltered from the wind but it is mostly the lower line lying areas like san francisco and oakland and up to fairfield and hayward. it is quiet much the winds pick up headed to lunch and during the afternoon into the evening and will calm overnight as the low pulls away and high pressure settles in and brings more
5:38 am
stability to our forecast. not a lost moisture just enough energy in the atmosphere that an isolated storm is possible in the afternoon and early evening. well see the most sunshine this morning and upper 40's to mid-50's and headed to noon, 58, 62 and 68, the coast, bay and inland. we will hit 60 at 4:00 at coast and 68 around the bay and 72 inland. have a good day. >> we have a report of a fire off of highway 24 near 13 and the eastbound direction is visible from the free according to some commuters reporting this to c.h.p. so we are going to get confirmation on this. eastbound approaching highway 13, westbound traffic does not appear to be affected and things are clear through walnut creek along 680 at highway 24 and headed how lafayette no delays. as you come into piedmont and
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oakland, still clear approaching the maze but we are starting to see traffic build. we have a big accident in the santa cruz mountains northbound near the summit with more on that. in san jose, the drive along 101 away from the nimitz is clear and 280 aheaded away from 17 is dark other but traffic is moving along fine with no southbound traffic. it is 5:39. surprising new details emerge of a near midair collision involving a plane from sfo. how close it came to catastrophe >> days before 9 up official start of the grilling season this is a new meat recall. what you need to know before you grill your next burger. >> banned l.a. clippers' owner donald sterling asked the nba for a time out. what he was given,
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>> covering dalai lama, -- dalay city, dublin, and los gatos. >> we have a major concern over e. coli. wolverine packing company is recalling 1.8 million pounds of ground beef suspected of being contaminated with e. coli. seven people cross four states have gotten sick. the recalled meat was sold only to restaurants.
5:43 am
officials say the recalls were shipped to michigan, missouri, massachusetts and ohio. >> nba will not extend a one-week deadline to l.a. clippers' owner donald sterling to appeal the ban. he was banned after a report of the owner making racist comments to his girlfriend. the legal also fines donald sterling 2.5 million which he has yet to pay. a hearing will take place in june to examine the charges. the nba owners could vote to force donald sterling to sell require a two-thirds or three-quarters majority. v. stiviano is back in the headlines after an attempted burglary at her home. broken glass was found near the entrance to the home on the west side of los angeles but they did not cover anything suggesting someone was actually inside. police have not said if v. stiviano was home. >> a plane with a close call with another plane in new jersey
5:44 am
was if more danger than first thought. in a preliminary report the ntsb classified the incident as "near midair collision." on april 24, the united flight from san francisco was trying to land at newark airport with 161 people on board. the report says it came from 400' above and 200' to the side of an express jet flight. the sfo flight was ordered to abort the descent. investigators are trying to determine who was at fault with the collision. >> how is the situation at sfo? >> they let us know in ten miles per hours if there are delays and i am glad you asked there are clouds over sfo. low clouds. we will want it. if you step away from the tv i will let you know. visibility is unlimited but for along the cost at seven miles at half moon bay and live doppler 7 hd showing with the cloud cover, there is in fog to contend with
5:45 am
because of the breezes being too mid-to-upper 50's and san bruno is 57 and san carlos 55. mid-to-upper 50's in the east bay shore and los gatos is 50. concord is 52 and nearly 50 in santa rosa and 48 in napa. 54 in san francisco. this is how it looks from mount tamalpais with a multilay we of clouds which can will thicken. clearing. drying overnight as the low pulls away. that will open us up to high pressure and warmer both headed to and through the weekend. 73 in los gatos is the warm spot to the south and santa cruz is a brisk 66 and upper 60's to low 70's for the rest of the valley, and upper 60's to low 70's most of the peninsula and millbrae is
5:46 am
66 and 63 at half moon bay, the warm spot, and mid-60's around downtown and low-to-mid 60's through the north bay valley and 66 in berkeley and am meat and 65 at richmond and everyone else in the upper 60's to nearly 70. the east bay valley, concord and antioch and fair, 74 degrees, the remain warmer spots. tonight we are like this morning, maybe a couple of degrees cooler, upper 40ette to mid-50 around the bay shore. the low will we were sleeping, right down and sit on top of us and churning the unstable air mass into the possibility of scattered showers as we head to the lunch hour, you can see one or two breaking out in the higher elevation and same through 7:00, don't cancel any plans. by midnight we have seen the apex and tomorrow morning they are gone. high pressure is coming in at two to six degrees tomorrow and one to two degrees each day until the height of the heat on sunday. >> 44 bart trains are on time
5:47 am
and ace train three is a minute late. we do have an accident in the santa cruz mountains that is clogging up the commute northbound highway 17 at the summit and it is involving two or three vehicles and it is causing very heavy traffic at five miles' worth inching your way up to or through los gatos. as we take you to san francisco, this accident southbound 101 to eastbound 80 a van slammed into a wall at a high rate of speed and four occupants took off. this is turning into a police activity event. at the bay bridge toll plaza we can see traffic is starting to backup from the maze and from emeryville to the eastern span of the bay bridge it is slowing and the new accident could slow things down even more from here. kristen sze and eric? >> you probably know there is a makeover of sorts with the
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latest technology to make things better. >> this is the new abc7, easier to use and better. we have given it a complete overhaul making it more responsive to your needs. >> no matter the device you visit us, we adjust automatically to your screen. >> forget pinching or stretching the screen, our site will format itself so it is easier to use on the computer, phone or only mobile device. check out the weather. traffic, too. our new map feature lets you track stories in your neighborhood and follow news reporters on twitter as the news develops. can you share your video and photos, the new and improved makes it easier to share stories and you can check what others are posting. >> this isn't just news. there is fun stuff, too. check out the daily distraction
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that your friends will share on soldier media tomorrow. access "watch abc" wherever you are. you can watch your favorite show like "good morning america" or "dancing with the stars" all online at new >> better everywhere. check out the site and you can find out why everything is better. >> what is your favorite app? my favorite feature is "map it," where you have all the icons to click on for the story in your maybe and your neighbor. >> we can do that out in the field now. by the way, congratulations to a young superstar, a swing at the big time. at only 11 years old, yes, 11, the youngest player ever to
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qualify for the women's open! this is action from a previous tournament in april. >> yesterday there were rounds of 74 and 68 beat the second place finisher by seven strokes, a beat down, folks. more experienced golfers would love to have a scoff like that. lee tees off on june 19 in north carolina. >> and then back to the 6th grade exam. or something like that. >> with a big trophy. >> a northern california stall beyond prepares to gallup into horse racing history with trainers reviewing california chrome's big secret. >> man's best friend is man's live safer in dogs could be a sue nuclear weapon against prostate canner. "new york times" is responding to accusations that it is guilty of gender discrimination. again it former top
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a woman is recovering after being mold by a bear while jogging on a military base in alaska. her survivor instincts kicked in and saved her. she accounted a mother bear trying to protect the two cubs much the bear clubbed her head, neck and torso and walked a mile along a trail before finding help. a soldier spotted the victim and took her to the base hospital. she now is being treated a hospital in anchorage. >> california chrome will arrive in new york with all eyes watching for the triple crown contender after the racing officials cleared california chrome to wear a nasal strip for the belmont stakes. the trip is made by the same company that makes the breathe
5:54 am
right strips for humans and is believed to improve the airflow through the nostrils. the pride hopes to be the first triple crown winner since 1978. >> and then a retired life of...breeding. >> lucrative breeding. >> millions. millions. good morning, everyone, we will head to livermore. 73 degrees with the average of 78. tomorrow, we are above average and we could top out at 91 in livermore. thunderstorms are all around yosemite village and during the day hours this is where it is going to stay with temperatures in the 70's throughout the central valley and 49 with snow showers in lake tahoe and 71 if los angeles with thunderstorms around the grapevine. >> it looks like traffic is more
5:55 am
at a trot than a gallop. we have this accident what just cleared northbound highway 17 at the summit we had budget lands blocked in the northbound direction and still left with five miles of backup. if san francisco, this accident is blocking one lane, southbound 101 to eastbound 80 connection and one lane is blocked causing the backup as you try to move your way to the bay bridge. cars are traveling at a high rate of speeds took off and ran into the amendments -- the amendments -- arms of the police station. >> man's best friend could save your life. researchers found specially trained dogs can detect prostate cancer with 98 percent accuracy. with their acute sense of smell dogs can detect the compounds present in urine associated with prostate cancer. the research was just presented at the annual meeting of the
5:56 am
menure -- the american urological association. >> teen will carry his little brother 40 miles to raise awareness for cerebral palsy. >> the 14-year-old is a wrestler for 8th grade and his 7-year-old brother brandon is the biggest fan. brandon has cerebral palsy. hunter will carry the 54 brandon on his back from his school to the university of michigan in june. the teen says hissest is nothing compared to what brandon deals withry day so this is an attempt to bring awareness and shows the love that big brother has for little brother. way to go, young man. impressive. >> the morning news continues at 6:00 with these new stories. >> an actor known for his role was picked into jail after shooting and killing his wife.
5:57 am
>> the newest season of "bash more -- "bachelor yet," is dedicated to this man after he died. >> the newest sun screen tests are out and we learn which brand is the best bargain.
5:58 am
5:59 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. a south bay college suddenly closed and students are left scrambling for answers. we have what is behind the shutdown. >> a teen hit and killed by a train with a dangerous mistake investigators say she likely made before the impact. a san francisco landmark could be restricted to some tourists with the controversial closure leaders are considering today.
6:00 am
something crooked is going on. >> really crooked. >> i am kristen sze. i am eric thomas. >> it is breezy. the breeze is dominating early this morning because live doppler 7 hd is dry after high elevation showers with rain falling and measurable in mt. diablo and the santa cruz mountains and some fell at the airport, just a traits to make the ground wet. 7:00, quiet and 56 and breezy at noon and the bay and 62 andize hated shower is possible and 68 at 4:00 and dropping to 61. we are quiet inland at 55 a breezy 68 and falling into the mid-to-upper 60's by 7:00 with a stray shower possible. if you are at the cost it will be brisk all through the lander from 53 this morning to 58 at noon to 60 at 4:00. back 58 by 7:00. >> in the east bay at sunol


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